October 8th, 2021

Top 3 types of software development teams and which one to choose

Are you wondering how to get the perfect development team for your business?

Choosing the right way to develop your project isn't always easy. But it's much easier when you know what to expect from different solutions. So we've put together three main options to help you decide which one is the right fit for you.

In-house team

This is the conventional solution, which gives you complete control of your development team. Your team is always with you and can react quickly with good knowledge of your company culture and specific needs. The biggest bonus is that your domain knowledge always stays within your business.


  • No middle man. Faster communication means more agile changes and better information movement across the people.
  • Office presence. You can solve problems more quickly when communicating face to face.
  • Permanent employees. Since everybody is communicating using the same language, there is less room for errors and misunderstandings.


  • Hiring one by one. Finding skilled candidates is tough, and it can turn into a lengthy process.
  • High staff turnover. Developers like to switch places, so it can be challenging to keep strong talents.
  • Expensive. Team members are on your payroll every month, whether you have enough work for them or not.

Best for:

Since in-house team is highly dependent on your own business resources, it’ll work well in large-sized or financially stable companies.

Full outsourcing

When your hands are full, and you need to focus on other aspects of your business, the ideal solution is complete outsourcing. It works very well with projects that have a clear assignment. The better your specification, the better is the finished project.


  • Saves your time. Third-party is fully responsible for the project, and you don't have to manage human resources.
  • Quality increase. With a good team, you gain access to experienced professionals and latest technologies.
  • No onboarding. It saves you resources on individual hiring or training new employees.


  • Less influence over the whole process. Specifications have to be provided upfront, and every change causes delay.
  • Quality control. Everything has to be checked thoroughly to ensure a high-quality product.

Best for:

Complete outsourcing is the easiest way when you lack critical resources, such as time, expertise, and budget. Overall it's best a solution for urgent situations.

Dedicated team

Do you want experts on-demand that can deliver quickly? Maybe a dedicated team might be the right answer for you. They can start working immediately and bring valuable knowledge and new skills/technologies.


  • More pricing options. Price is determined by monthly payments like a subscription or fixed on one project.
  • Flexible working space. Your team can be fully remote or work in your office with in-house members.
  • No onboarding. Similarly to complete outsourcing, the external company will provide you with an established team according to your needs.
  • Faster adaptability. When you need to adopt new technology, you don't need to wait for people to learn and gain experience.


  • Isolation. A tight-knit team can be harder to embed into company culture.

Best for:

Dedicated team is a great choice for most projects, especially when you want new experts on board. Being a less expensive option, it's also well suited for startups and smaller businesses.

Wrap up

As this latest Deloitte survey says, outsourcing is still a big trend that’s not going anywhere. The most important thing is that quality and agility matter more than ever.

Firms will now accelerate overall outsourcing as they learn to collaborate in a world where speed, quality, flexibility, and cost are more important than geography. To stay ahead, service providers will need to rethink how they provide effective remote services.

There's no magic formula how to make the perfect choice. Think about your company's goals and objectives, and you should have a clearer image of what you're looking for. Do you need quick project delivery or access to the latest technologies? Dedicated team is an excellent choice for most circumstances, allowing the biggest flexibility without taxing your budget.